Defensive Pistol (DP) 1-3

Defensive PistolDP1 focuses on the use of the handgun for personal protection. Topics include weapon selection, ammunition, presentation (draw stroke), speed and tactical reloads, malfunction clearances, presentation from concealment, position shooting, etc.

DP2 builds on DP1, increasing speed and accuracy, use of cover, shooting at distance to 50 yards, dynamic movement, etc.

DP3 polishes skills learned in 1 and 2. Manipulations (types 1,2, and 3 malfunctions, speed and tac loads) are done for time, close-quarter gunfighting, and more.

Prerequisite: Intro. To handguns/NRA basic pistol/Front Sight, T. Ranch, Gunsite.


Quality defensive pistol, 3-4 spare magazines/speedloaders, eye and ear protection, appropriate clothing and footwear (no sandals or flip-flops); minimum of 500 rounds practice ammo, 50 rounds duty/defensive ammo. Each class is two days.

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